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Our companies presently export to more than 40 countries, and our focus is on a consistent expansion into new markets.


We are a family-owned company, founded in 1896, and presently operating in the 4th generation. Our work is characterized by our long-standing expertise in the field of furniture.

family business

We base our entrepreneurial activities on the fundemental principles of sound economical, ecological and social business dealings.


A number of medium-sized companies are included under the umbrella of WELLE HOLDING, each one of which is active in the furniture manufacturing sector.

WELLE HOLDING is a financial holding company with no operating business of its own.

It manages its shareholdings as an active shareholder, coordinating the interests of the individual companies within the Group. Part of this strategy is that all companies belonging to the Group are active in their respective market segments. They are positioned in line with their specific needs and all act completely independently of one another.

Our companies

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HIMOLLA Polstermöbel
Paidi 20221025_Levke_Baby_02_027.jpg
PAIDI Kinderwelten
Bürstadt IMG_0141.jpg
BÜRSTADT Furniture
K+W Pego_graublau_22-10-12-SWA_fertig2.jpg
K+W Polstermöbel

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